The CreateEquilateral static method is a method in the Polygon class which can be used to quickly create equilateral (same-length sides) Polygons.

Code Example

The following code creates two Polygons. One is a 4-sided polygon. The other one is a very high-vertex count Polygon which can be used to draw smooth Circles. Keep in mind that high-vertex polygons like the one created in this example can be expensive when performing collisions.

Add the following using statement:

using FlatRedBall.Math.Geometry;

Add the following to Initialize after initializing FlatRedBall:

 int numberOfSides = 4;
 float radius = 6;
 float firstAngle = 0;

 Polygon firstPoly = Polygon.CreateEquilateral(numberOfSides, radius, firstAngle);
 firstPoly.Visible = true;
 firstPoly.X = -8;

 // Increase the number of sides:
 numberOfSides = 60;

 // Now let's make a high-resolution Circle:
 Polygon secondPolygon = Polygon.CreateEquilateral(numberOfSides, radius, firstAngle);
 secondPolygon.Visible = true;
 secondPolygon.X = 8;

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