The DrawsWorld property controls whether the camera draws objects which are not on any Layer and objects which are on Layers that are not Camera-specific. Usually Cameras which are used to draw things in split-screen mode should have this property be true, while Cameras which are used to overlay things such as HUDs should usually set this to false.

Code Example

The following example creates a situation where two Cameras are used. In this situation, the second Camera is used to draw HUD. The second Camera will not draw the underlying Sprite: Add the following using statement:

using FlatRedBall.Graphics;

Add the following to Initialize after initializing FlatRedBall:

Sprite sprite = SpriteManager.AddSprite("redball.bmp");
sprite.ScaleX = sprite.ScaleY = 10;

// We'll use a global content manager if we expect the Camera to be around forever
Camera hudCamera = new Camera(FlatRedBallServices.GlobalContentManager);
// Do this so the Camera doesn't draw the Sprite again!
hudCamera.DrawsWorld = false;

// Now, add a Text object to the HUD camera.
Text text = TextManager.AddText("Score: 1000");
text.X = -19f;
text.Y = 15;
//text.Scale = text.Spacing = 2;
TextManager.AddToLayer(text, hudCamera.Layer);

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