The DeadzoneType property controls how the Deadzone value is applied on an Xbox360GamePad. By default Radial DeadzoneType is used.

Code Example

The following code sets the first Xbox360GamePad to use a Cross deadzone with a 0.15 value:

InputManager.Xbox360GamePads[0].Deadzone = .15f;
InputManager.Xbox360GamePads[0].DeadzoneType = DeadzoneType.Cross;

Deadzone Types


The Radial deadzone type treats the position of the analog stick as (0,0) if the position reported by the hardware is within a circle centered at (0,0) with the Deadzone value used as the radius. Visually, this means that any value within the red area would be reduced to (0,0).

Radial deadzones are recommended for top-down (four-way directional) movement games.


The Cross deadzone type treats each axis independently regardless of the value of the other axis. In other words, if the absolute value of X as reported by the hardware is smaller than the Deadzone value, then X will be reported as 0. Visually, this creates a cross deadzone area as shown in the following diagram:

Cross deadzones are recommended for platformer games and games where players may want to move perfectly along a particular axis.

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