The FlatRedBall Cursor object uses mouse or touch screen input by default. This default behavior can be changed with the SetControllingGamepad method, which switches a Cursor to be used by an Xbox360GamePad instance. When using an Xbox360GamePad for cursor control, the following input is applied:

  • Cursor position is controlled by the left analog stick and d-pad. Position is kept inside of the screen automatically.

  • The primary action (usually left mouse button) is controlled by the A button

  • The secondary action (usually the right mouse button) is controlled by the X button

  • Scrolling is controlled by the right analog stickโ€™s Y (vertical) position

When using an Xbox360GamePad, the native (Windows) cursor will not move in response to gamepad controls, so a visual representation must be manually added.

Code Example - Using an Xbox360GamePad to Control the Cursor

The following code assumes a Circle has been added to the current Screen:

void CustomInitialize()
    var cursor = GuiManager.Cursor;
    cursor.SetControllingGamepad(InputManager.Xbox360GamePads.First(item => item.IsConnected));

void CustomActivity(bool firstTimeCalled)
    var worldPosition = GuiManager.Cursor.WorldPosition.ToVector3();
    CircleInstance.Position = worldPosition;

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