The Left, Right, Top, and Bottom properties on AxisAlignedRectangle return the absolute position of the respective side.

Code Example

The following code shows how to get the four values (Left, Right, Top, and Bottom):

// This assumes your rectangle is called RectangleInstance
float left = RectangleInstance.Left;
float right = RectangleInstance.Right;
float top = RectangleInstance.Top;
float bottom = RectangleInstance.Bottom;

// Now you can use these four values for whatever you need in your code

Setting values

Setting Left, Right, Top, and Bottom results in the X or Y values of the AxisAlignedRectangle changing. These values will not change the Width or Height of the AxisAlignedRectangle. To change dimensions use the FlatRedBall.Math.Geometry.AxisAlignedRectangle.Width and FlatRedBall.Math.Geometry.AxisAlignedRectangle.Height values.

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