📐FlatRedBall Editor


The FlatRedBall Editor (also referred to as FRB Editor, FlatRedBall, or FRB) is tool used to create games with FlatRedBall. The FRB Editor provides a variety of functionality, and can be extended and customized with plugins. Some of the most important functions of the FRB Editor include:

  • Creating new projects

  • Initial project setup using the New Project Wizard

  • Creating Screens and Entities

  • Setting the game's resolution and window size

  • Managing your csproj file by adding and removing code and content files

  • Generating code to load files

  • Providing a visual editor for creating entity instances

  • Editing and creating variables

  • Creating and managing collision relationships

  • Providing a "live editor" for your game

  • Tracking file dependencies

  • Reporting common errors

  • Measuring your game's performance

  • ...and much more

In short, the FRB Editor provides functionality to make game development faster.

Is the FlatRedBall Editor Required?

Ultimately the FlatRedBall Editor generates code in response to your actions. Therefore, the editor is not required to create games. You can use it to create new projects, but then do all of your coding in Visual Studio. Of course, since the FlatRedBall Editor is built to make game development easier, we recommend using it in your game.

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