The ReceiveInput function is called every frame by the FlatRedBall Engine on the current IInputReceiver. This function can be used by objects implementing the IIputReceiver interface to handle input and to clear it after processing it.

ReceiveInput is ultimately called when the Keyboard's state is updated inside the FlatRedBall Engine. This means that this method is called *before* any Screen or Entity activity if using Glue. If not using Glue, and if all of your custom code is written *after* FlatRedBallServices.Update (which is called in your Game class) then the ReceiveInput will also be called before any of your custom code. This is useful because it allows the current IInputReceiver to receive and clear input before any other custom game logic is performed. In other words, no game code will need to be modified to prevent double-input from happening if the IInputReceiver calls the Keyboard's Clear function after processing input.

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