The CreateDefaultButtonMap method is a method which creates a button map for the calling Xbox360GamePad. This is a quick way to bind Keyboard keys to the Xbox360Controller - especially as a fallback during development if an Xbox360 game pad is not connected. For more information on creating custom button maps, see the Xbox360GamePad ButtonMap page.

Button map keys

The CreateDefaultButtonMap method performs the following logic internally:

  this.ButtonMap = new KeyboardButtonMap();
  ButtonMap.LeftAnalogLeft = Keys.Left;
  ButtonMap.LeftAnalogRight = Keys.Right;
  ButtonMap.LeftAnalogUp = Keys.Up;
  ButtonMap.LeftAnalogDown = Keys.Down;
  ButtonMap.A = Keys.A;
  ButtonMap.B = Keys.S;
  ButtonMap.X = Keys.Q;
  ButtonMap.Y = Keys.W;
  ButtonMap.LeftTrigger = Keys.E;
  ButtonMap.RightTrigger = Keys.R;
  ButtonMap.LeftShoulder = Keys.D;
  ButtonMap.RightShoulder = Keys.F;
  ButtonMap.Back = Keys.Back;
  ButtonMap.Start = Keys.Enter;

Modifying the default ButtonMap

You can modify the ButtonMap after it's been created:

Xbox3630GamePad gamePad = FlatRedBall.Input.InputManager.Xbox360GamePads[0];
// now reassign the A button
gamePad.A = Keys.Q;

For more information, see the ButtonMap page.

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