Picture Puzzle Revolution


Picture Puzzle Revolution is a new kind of puzzle game inspired by the n-puzzle and a Rubik's Cube. Pictures are broken up into tiles, scrambled, and need to be put back together by making the tiles revolve around one another.

Picture Puzzle Revolution includes 24 challenging levels, each featuring artwork from the last two Nine Inch Nails albums: The Slip and Ghosts I-IV. The interactive soundtrack features special instrumental mixes of five songs from The Slip; the songs become more complete as the puzzle gets filled in correctly. The game keeps track of how efficiently and how fast you solve each puzzle.

Bring your best puzzle-solving skills, as this is a game that had one beta tester exclaim "I can't actually play the game because I SUCK AT IT! I can't even do level 1 on the easiest setting." How well can YOU do?


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