Frame Time

Frame Time

Each frame in an animation defines how long it is displayed when the animation is played. The animation editor allows editing the frame time to speed up or slow down individual frames or the entire animation.

Changing the Frame Time

To change the amount of time that an individual frame is displayed in an animation:

  1. Select a frame in the animation

  2. Find the FrameLength property

  3. Change the value to the desired length in seconds

Changing the Entire Animation Length

The entire length of an animation can be changed without manually changing each individual frame. To do this:

  1. Right-click on the desired animation

  2. Select Adjust All Frame Time

  3. Enter the new desired length of the animation

  4. (Optionally) select the desired option for changing the frame time. The frames can be adjusted to all have the same value, or can be adjusted proportionally to achieve the desired animation length

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