Section is a class which can be used to measure and report performance in FlatRedBall. It has the following features/benefits:

  • Supports a tree structure so that sections can be sub-divided.

  • Supports a context system so different sections of code can create sections without requiring managing and passing around references

  • Can be serialized to a compact XML file.

  • Supports being loaded in the FlatRedBall Profiler.

Code Example

The following shows the simplest way to time a section and print the result. Add the following using statement:

using FlatRedBall.Performance.Measurement;

If you add this code to an Update or Activity function it will be called every frame, so you will want to add it to your game's Initialize or a Screen's CustomInitialize:

// This starts the timing of the section
Section.GetAndStartContextAndTime("Demo Section");


// This ends the timing of the section.
// We store off the reference to the created
// section so we can...
Section result = Section.EndContextAndTime();

// ...print it out here:

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