The GenerateCsvString method can be used to generate a string in CSV format. The resulting string can be saved to a file to create a CSV which can be opened in any application that supports CSVs.

Code Example

The following code shows how to use the GenerateCsvString method:

RuntimeCsvRepresentation rcr = new RuntimeCsvRepresentation();

rcr.Headers = new CsvHeader[2];
rcr.Headers[0] = new CsvHeader("Header1");
rcr.Headers[1] = new CsvHeader("Header2 (int)");

rcr.Records = new List<string[]>();
rcr.Records.Add(new string[2]);
rcr.Records[0][0] = "FirstColumnValue";
rcr.Records[0][1] = "3";

string result = rcr.GenerateCsvString();

The result string will contain:

Header1,Header2 (int)

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