The View Projects menu item displays the current Visual Studio projects for the current Glue project. Initially only one project will appear in the Projects tab when selecting View Projects. The following image shows the Projects tab with a single XNA 4 project named TownRaiser:

Synced Projects

Synced projects are used to develop multi-platform games. For example, a single Glue project may contain a main PC (XNA 4) project, a synced project for iOS, and a second synced project for Android, as shown in the following image:

To open a project, click on the icon for the IDE for a given project. For example, the following icon can be used to open the TownRaiser XNA 4 Project:

New Synced Project

New platforms can be added to an existing project at any point in development by adding a new synced project. To add a new synced project to an existing Glue project:

  1. Open the Projects tab

  2. Click the New Synced Project button

  3. The FlatRedBall Project Creator will appear. Select the desired platform (such as Windows UWP)

  4. Enter a name for the project. Typically the name matches the original project's name with the platform appended. For example, TownRaiserUwp.

  5. Click the Make My Project! button.

After creating the new synced project, it will appear in the Projects tab.

Since FlatRedBall is designed to be syntactically identical across all platforms, most new synced projects will compile and run with little or no modifications.

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