The FromList method will create a RuntimeCsvRepresentation according to the object passed to it. This method can be used to generate a RuntimeCsvRepresentation which can be saved to disk to create a CSV.

Example Code

The following code will create a RuntimeCsvRepresentation from a list of Vector3's:

List<Vector3> listOfVectors = new Vector3();
listOfVectors.Add(new Vector3(0,0,0));
listOfVectors.Add(new Vector3(1,2,3));
listOfVectors.Add(new Vector3(4.2f,1,1f,3.3f));

RuntimeCsvRepresentation rcr = RuntimeCsvRepresentation.FromList(listOfVectors);


The FromList method will ignore any fields or properties which have the XmlIgnore attribute. This allows objects which are built for XmlSerialization to serialize the same using RuntimeCsvRepresentations.

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