The Sound class is used to manage and play a sound cue. It can be obtained from the AudioManager using the GetSound(CueName) method.

Sound Control

The following methods will modify the playback of a sound:

  • Play() - Plays the sound, resumes the sound (if paused), or restarts the sound (if stopped).

  • Stop() / StopAsAuthored() - Stops playback of the sound as authored in the XACT project.

  • StopImmediately() - Stops playback of the sound immediately.

  • Pause() - Pauses playback of the sound.

Additionally, there is a Variables field within the sound object which provides easy access to any cue instance variables. For example, if the XACT project defined a "Volume" cue instance variable, then it could be accessed using the following line:

float soundVolume = mySound.Variables["Volume"];

It could be set using the following line:

mySound.Variables["Volume"] = 6.0f;

For more information on setting variables in an XACT project, read the XNA Creator's Club's Advanced Audio Tutorial on controlling pitch and volume with variables.

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