The RotateToAccurate method creates and adds Instructions for rotating the argument PositionedObject to the argument rotation. The method takes three values as it can perform rotation on the X, Y, and Z rotation components.

Code Example

The following code creates and rotates a Sprite so that its rotation matches the angle from the Sprite to the Mouse when the user clicks the left button. Add the following using statements:

using FlatRedBall.Input;
using FlatRedBall.Instructions;

Add the following at class scope:

Sprite sprite;

Add the following in Initialize after initializing FlatRedBall:

sprite = SpriteManager.AddSprite("redball.bmp");
sprite.ScaleX = 4;

Add the following in Update:

if (InputManager.Mouse.ButtonReleased(FlatRedBall.Input.Mouse.MouseButtons.LeftButton))
    float angle = (float)(System.Math.Atan2(
        InputManager.Mouse.WorldYAt(0) - sprite.Y,
        InputManager.Mouse.WorldXAt(0) - sprite.X));
    float secondsToTake = 1;
    // Just in case there are other instructions around from the 
    // last call: 

    // Adds instructions to the Sprite's Instructions list. 
    InstructionManager.RotateToAccurate(sprite, 0, 0, angle, secondsToTake); 

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