Axis Alignment And Rotation


Although AxisAlignedRectangles inherit from the PositionedObject class, which inherits from the IRotatable interface, AxisAlignedRectangles cannot be visibly rotated. This article discusses how rotation values are applied to AxisAlignedRectangles.

AxisAlignment and the collision/visible representation of an AxisAlignedRectangle

As far as the visible representation and collision behavior of an AxisAlignedRectangle, rotation will have no impact on an AxisAlignedRectangle. For more information, see this section.

How do children of AxisAlignedRectangles behave?

All positions in FlatRedBall are defined by a combination of X, Y, and Z values. These values, when measuring absolute space, represent the distance from the origin along each axis by the same name as the component (X axis, Y axis, and Z axis). In FlatRedBall, when using an unrotated Camera, positive X points to the right and positive Y points up. The "axis aligned" part of AxisAlignedRectangles simply means that the edges of the rectangle are parallel (line up with) the X and Y axes. This is always true for AxisAlignedRectangles - even if they are rotated. However, that doesn't mean that the underling rotation values are always 0. In other words, if another PositionedObject is attached to an AxisAlignedRectangle, and the (parent) AxisAlignedRectangle is rotated, then the child PositionedObject will react to the rotation.

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