The CodeBuildItemAdder provides methods for adding entire .cs files into game projects. Entire files may be needed in projects for a number of reasons:

  • As a cross-platform way to embed classes which are needed by a plugin, such as a runtime type for a file

  • To create singletons which are used to simplify code generation in each screen or entity

  • To provide utility methods to be used in custom code

Example Usage

The steps for adding code to a project using the CodeBuildItemAdder are:

  1. Add a .cs file to your project as an embedded resource:

  2. (Optional) Set the namespace to use the $PROJECT_NAMESPACE$ keyword to indicate that it should match the game project's namespace:

    namespace $PROJECT_NAMESPACE$.OcularPlaneRuntime
  3. Add the code to embed the class. Embedded resources use the '.' character to separate folders, so if your file in the project is located at MyPlugin/EmbeddedCodeFiles/CodeFile.cs, then your code to add the file would be as shown in the following snippet:

    var adder = new CodeBuildItemAdder();
    adder.OutputFolderInProject = "PluginFiles";
    adder.AddFileBehavior = AddFileBehavior.IfOutOfDate;

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