Welcome to the Rock Blaster tutorials. Rock Blaster is a simple top-down game similar to the old Asteroids game. This set of tutorials will cover a variety of Glue topics. If you've been through the Beefball tutorials, this set of tutorials will build on that information and show more Glue functionality. If you haven't yet, we recommend going through the Beefball tutorials first - they cover a lot of the basics that we will use in this game.

What will this tutorial cover?

The Rock Blaster tutorials will reinforce some of the topics covered in the Beefball tutorials including:

  • Entity creation

  • Screen creation

  • Object creation

  • Variable creation

  • File creation and management

  • Collision

  • Scoring

  • Hud

  • Game Flow

The Rock Blaster tutorials will include the following topics as well:

  • Handling game graphics (PNGs)

  • Rotation

  • Dynamic Entity creation

  • Game data (score)

  • And much more!

So let's get started!

Special thanks to Dan Cook (aka Danc)

The following tutorials will use a set of art from a classic PC game named Tyrian which has been opened by Dan Cook, the original artist on the game. Thanks to Danc for supporting game development!

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