The RenderAll function performs rendering of all visual FlatRedBall objects on all Layers. This method is normally not manually called by code outside of FlatRedBall - it is automatically called by FlatRedBallServices.Draw - a method which is automatically included in all FlatRedBall templates. This method is exposed so that it can be called independent of FlatRedBallServices.UpdateDependencies for performance and customization reasons. The Render call is responsible for the following:

  • Calling Renderer.Draw to perform the rendering. This call is made inside a lock on the Renderer.GraphicsDevice. The reason for this lock is to prevent the graphics device from being used in rendering while a separate thread is attempting to load a Texture2D. Since Glue easily allows the creation of loading screens, loading on separate threads is quite common.

  • Resetting the textures on the device.

As mentioned above, this method is normally not called manually in games; however you can call it manually if you are debugging, or performing advanced rendering with render targets. The RenderAll function can be replaced with the following code:

lock (Renderer.Graphics.GraphicsDevice)
Renderer.Texture = null;
FlatRedBallServices.GraphicsDevice.Textures[0] = null;

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