ManagedInvisible Sprites are Sprites which the SpriteManager performs every-frame updates on them (such as applying Velocity, Acceleration, and attachment logic). These Sprites are not drawn by the engine. For more information on managed invisible Sprites, see the AddManagedInvisibleSprite method.

When to use ConvertToManagedInvisible

The most common way of creating managed invisible Sprites is to use SpriteManager.AddManagedInvisibleSprite. However, the AddManagedInvisibleSprite method both instantiates and places the newly-instantiated Sprite in the proper internal lists to make it managed invisible. If you are working with already-created Sprites, then you can use ConvertToManagedInvisible to convert the Sprites to be managed invisible Sprites.

Code Usage

Method signature:

public static void ConvertToManagedInvisible(Sprite sprite)

Common usage:

// assumes mySprite is a valid Sprite

Undoing ConvertToManagedInvisible

Since ConvertToManagedInvisible removes a Sprite from the engine, this function can be undone by re-adding the Sprite to the engine to be drawn. Specifically the SpriteManager.AddToLayer method can be used to have the Sprite be drawn by the engine:

// assuming SpriteInstance is a valid Sprite and LayerInstance is a valid Layer:
SpriteManager.AddToLayer(SpriteInstance, LayerInstance);

To add the Sprite so it is drawn but not on a Layer, it can be removed from the SpriteManager using SpriteManager.RemoveSpriteOneWay, then re-added using SpriteManager.AddSprite:

// assuming SpriteInstance is a valid Sprite

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