The CameraSave class is a class that can store information about a FlatRedBall.Camera which can be saved and loaded to/from disk. The CameraSave class appears in the SpriteEditorScene class.

Setting a Camera's properties from a CameraSave instance

The most common use of the CameraSave class is in the SpriteEditorScene class.

The following code loads a SpriteEditorScene from a .scnx file and sets the default Camera's properties to match the CameraSave.

// This assumes that Content\MyScene.scnx is a valid .scnx file
SpriteEditorScene ses = SpriteEditorScene.FromFile(@"Content\MyScene.scnx");
// We'll use the default Camera:
Camera cameraToSet = SpriteManager.Camera;
// Now simply apply the properties as follows:

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