The Instructions property is an exposed InstructionList which the InstructionManager will check and execute if according to the TimeManager's CurrentTime property. Instructions which do not necessarily belong to an instance, or which are to be executed on an object which does not implement the IInstructable interface can be added to the InstructionManager's Instructions property for automatic execution.

Code Example

Instructions can be directly added or removed from the InstructionManager.Instructions list:

// Calls the EndGame method in 10 seconds:
var delegateInstruction = new DelegateInstruction( 
    () => EndGame(), 
    TimeManager.CurrentTime + 10);


Execution Details

The InstructionManager will execute Instructions if the InstructionManager's IsExecutingInstructions property is true (default). The InstructionManager will automatically check the time of instructions and execute them.

Common Usage

Instructions are a common part of the FlatRedBall game engine, and many FlatRedBall objects implement the IInstructable interface. If an instruction is instantiated which should operate on an IInstructable, then the instruction should be added to the IInstructable's Instructions property. This suggests that the IInstructable "owns" the instructions which will operate on it. Having each IInstructable contain Instructions which will operate on it can help improve debugging. Some objects, such as Screens do not implement the IInstructable interface, or are not automatically managed by a manager. It is common practice to place Instructions which will operate on these objects in the InstructionManager's Instructions list. Instructions in this list will also automatically be executed, and provide a centralized, easy to use list for instructions. However, in general, use the Instructions property for individual objects if available before using the InstructionManager's Instructions list.

Clearing all Instructions

You can clear all instructions by simply calling the Clear method on the Instructions object:


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