The DestinationRectangle can be used to make a Layer only draw to part of a Screen. This is often referred to as "masking" or "creating a mask". The DestinationRectangle property in Glue functions the same as in code. For a technical discussion on destination rectangles for Layers, see this page.

Example Usage

The DestinationRectangle can control the area of the screen where a Layer is drawn. By default the DestinationRectangle is blank in Glue, meaning that the Layer will occupy the same area on screen as the main Camera.

This destination rectangle can be changed in Glue. To do this:

  1. Right-click on "DestinationRectnagle" in Glue.

  2. An option for "Use Custom Rectangle" should appear

  3. Select this option and the Layer will be given a custom rectangle:

Now that the DestinationRectangle value is there, we can modify it easily by changing one of the four values, or by expanding the DestinationRectangle and modifying each value independently:

Consider a Sprite which takes up nearly the entire screen:

If this Sprite were put on the Layer, it would look like this:

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