Enemy Entity


This tutorial covers how to add an Enemy to your project. To speed up the process we'll be importing an existing entity rather than building a new one ourselves. Once imported, we will modify the entity so it has the functionality we'll need for this tutorial - specifically adding the ability for the enemy to take damage.

Importing Enemy Entity

To import the entity

  1. In Glue, right-click on the Entities folder

  2. Select Import Entity

  3. Navigate to the location where you saved the Enemy file earlier and click OK

We now have a fully-functional enemy which has:

  • Collision shape named AxisAlignedRectangle

  • Sprite displaying a walking animation

  • Platformer values so that it can collide with solid collision

  • EnemyInput object which will keep the enemy from moving (does not use the gamepad or keyboard)

Adding EnemyList to GameScreen

We will add a list to our GameScreen and an instance of our Enemy to Level1 so we can see the enemy in game. To add an enemy list to GameScreen:

  1. Select the Enemy entity

  2. Select the Quick Actions tab

  3. Click the Add Enemy List to GameScreen button - this creates a list of enemies which we'll use to create collision relationships later

  4. Click the Add Enemy Factory button - this allows us to create enemies in code and Tiled maps.

To add an enemy to your Level1:

  1. Drag+drop the Enemy entity onto Level1\

  2. Select Enemy1 and click on the Variables tab

  3. Set X to 160

  4. Set Y to -160

Now we have an enemy in the game, but it falls through the level. We can fix this by telling the enemies to collide against our GameScreen's SolidCollision object:

  1. Expand GameScreen

  2. Expand the Objects folder

  3. Drag+drop the EnemyList onto the SolidCollision object

If we run the game now, the enemy will fall and land in the level next to the player.

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