The Load method is used to obtain a reference to an object which is created from a file on disk. Common examples of are Texture2D (usually from a .png file), SoundEffect (usually from a .wav file), and AnimationChainList (usually from a .achx file). The Load method caches a file when successfully loaded, and subsequent calls to the Load method will return the cached reference.


The Load method can be used to load a Texture2D from an image file.


System.InvalidOperationException: This image format is not supported ---> System.ArgumentException: Handle must be valid. Parameter name: array

This exception can occur if your game is attempting to load a texture that is larger than is supported on the hardware running your game. For example, at the time of this writing many Android devices support 4096x4096 textures, but phones which only support 2048x2048 are still somewhat common. If the phone does not support loading the texture due to dimensions the app will throw a System.InvalidOperationException .

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