The GetBottomLeftWorldCoordinateForOrderedTile method returns the world coordinate for the argument tile index. This can be used to identify the location of a tile based on its index.

Code Example - Displaying Indexes

The following code can be used to location of the first 100 tiles in a MapDrawableBatch:

var layer = Map.MapLayers[0];

float tileWidth = 16;
float tileHeight = 16;

// xOffset and yOffset are used to place the text in the center of the tile
float xOffset = tileWidth / 2;
float yOffset = tileHeight / 2;

// only do 100 so we don't have performance problems:
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
    layer.GetBottomLeftWorldCoordinateForOrderedTile(i, out float x, out float y);

        new Vector3(x + xOffset, y + yOffset, 0));

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