The FrameToFrame method returns the shortest absolute distance between two frame indexes. This value may be negative and considers looping. Example Assuming you have created an AnimationChain named "ac" with 6 AnimationFrames (the last at index 5), FrameToFrame returns the following values:




ac.FrameToFrame(1, 2)


The closest distance from 1 to 2 is 1 frame.

ac.FrameToFrame(2, 1)


The closest distance from 2 to 1 is -1. This value is negative because you must move "backward" to get from 2 to 1

ac.FrameToFrame(1, 5)


The closest distance considering looping to get from 1 to 5 is -2. That is first going from 1 to 0, then 0 to 5 (the last frame)

ac.FrameToFrame(0, 3)


Although 0 is both 3 and -3 frames away from index 3, FrameToFrame doesn't wrap if the direct difference is equally short as the wrapped.

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