The IsAssetLoadedByName method returns whether a file of a given type is already loaded and stored in RAM by the given ContentManager.

Code Example

The following code can be used to check if a file Background.png is loaded as a Texture2D in the current screen's content manager:

var contentManagerName = this.ContentManagerName;
var contentManager = FlatRedBallServices.GetContentManagerByName(contentManagerName);
bool isAlreadyLoaded = contentManager.IsAssetLoadedByName<Texture2D>("content/background.png");

Name Details

IsAssetLoadedByDetail processes the assetName parameter before checking if it has been loaded. Specifically, the following modifications are made:

  1. If the argument is relative (such as content/background.png ), then it is converted to an absolute path (such as c:/MyGame/bin/debug/content/background.png ).

  2. The file is standardized using the FileManager.Standardize method.

  3. The content type is appended to the file name. This allows the same file to be loaded into multiple types.

For example, loading "content\Background.png" may result in the string "c:/folder/content/background.pngTexture2D" being stored in the ContentManager.

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