The FlatRedBall Editor supports creating objects of type ShapeCollection. You can create a ShapeCollection by following these steps:

  1. Right-click on Objects under a Screen or Entity

  2. Select "Add Object"

  3. Verify that "FlatRedBall or Custom Type" is selected.

  4. Select "ShapeCollection"

  5. Click OK

Note that FlatRedBall also supports the .shcx file format, but this is no longer recommended. The PolygonEditor tool is no longer maintained, and the recommended approach is to add a ShapeCollection as shown above and to modify the shapes using FlatRedBall's LiveEdit.

Adding Shapes to a ShapeCollection in FlatRedBall

ShapeCollections can have shapes added manually. The ShapeCollection serves as a "list" of shapes, but unlike normal lists, the ShapeCollection can contain multiple types of objects.

To add a new shape to the ShapeCollection:

  1. Right-click on the ShapeCollection instance

  2. Select Add Object

  3. Select one of the shapes - notice that FlatRedBall filters the available types to the types allowed in a ShapeCollection.

  4. Click OK

Your newly-created shape is added to ShapeCollection in the tree view.

ShapeCollection in code

For information on how to work with a ShapeCollection in code, see the ShapeCollection page.

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