The Children property contains a list of PositionedObjects which are attached to this. Initially the list is empty, but it is automatically populated when one PositionedObject is attached to another using the AttachTo method.

Code Example

Add the following using statement:

using FlatRedBall.Graphics;

Add the following to Initialize after initializing FlatRedBall:

// we'll use PositionedObjects here, but could be anything - Sprite, Text, or custom Entity class
PositionedObject first = new PositionedObject();
PositionedObject second = new PositionedObject();

int countBefore = first.Children.Count;
second.AttachTo(first, false);
int countAfter = first.Children.Count;
int finalCount = first.Children.Count;

string displayString = 
   string.Format("Before:{0}\nAfter:{1}\nFinal:{2}", countBefore, countAfter, finalCount);


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