Creating Level1 Map


The default Platformer project creates a game with a level (Level1). We will modify this level to create ice and water tiles.

Modifying Level1.tmx

We can open Level1Map.tmx to add additional tiles.

Level1Map.tmx should appear in the Tiled app. To make sure that no tiles from other maps are being used, be sure to close other TMX files in Tiled.

Default maps include a tileset named TiledIcons. Most of these icons have no built-in functionality, so they can be used to add custom behavior to your game. In this case we will use the ice and water tiles which are part of the tileset.

We can paint these tiles, along with more solid collision tiles, to create a test level with ice and water.


We have a level where the player can collide with the solid ground, but ice and water do not yet affect the Player's movement.

The next tutorial shows how to add collision and change the player's movement values on ice and in water.

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