What is Filtering?

Turning Filtering On/Off

For more information on how to enable and disable Filtering in your FlatRedBall project, see: GraphicsOption's Filtering property

Filtering Halo

Solving filtering halo with FilteringHaloRemover

Kao Martin provided a wonderful tool for removing filtering halo from files. It can be found here.

Solving filtering halo with The GIMP

An excellent feature of The GIMP is that the eyedropper tool gives you both the color of the current pixel considering alpha and also ignoring trancparency. This allows you to easily see the color of pixels which are transparent and helps identify problems related to halo filtering. To fix the filtering, first, identify the location which is causing problems using the eyedropper. Once you have spotted a point where a fully transparent pixel is touching a fully opaque pixel but their colors do not match, use the eyedropper to select the color of the neighboring opaque pixel. Next, simply paint the transparent pixel the color of the opaque pixel - this will make the transparent pixel opaque. Finally, erase the newly-painted pixel so that it is transparent once again. Notice that if you select the pixel with the eyedropper, the color matches the opaque pixel. One way to do this a little faster is to use the "Fuzzy Select" (also known as the magic wand in Photoshop) to select the transparent area and paint multiple pixels at once without modifying the transparent pixels.

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