InterpolateBetween combines two states and applies the result to the calling object. The GraphicalUiElement class provides an implementation of InterpolateBetween which takes StateSave instances (allowing for interpolating between states created at runtime), while the specific implementation (such as the runtime class for a component) provides an InterpolateBetween overload which takes the specific state enumerations.

Example Using Enumerations

The following code shows how to call InterpolateBetween using state enumerations. It assumes:

  • Button is a component, and ButtonRuntime is the class generated by the Gum plugin for the Button component

  • ButtonInstance is an instance of ButtonRuntime

  • The Button component has two uncategorized states: State1 and State2

ButtonInstance.InterpolateBetween(ButtonRuntime.VariableState.State1, ButtonRuntime.VariableState.State2, .75f);

The third parameter (which is the interpolationValue ) is a value usually between 0 and 1 which indicates the weight of the 2nd state. In this case, .75 means that 75% weight is given to State2 , while the remaining 25% is given to State1 .

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