The MakeOneWay method makes the calling AttachbleList a one-way list. In other words, it means that the AttachableList will still contain all of the objects that it contained before calling MakeOneWay; however, the contained elements will no longer know that they belong to this List. This essentially makes the AttachableList behave like a regular List - at least until new objects are added to the List, or until MakeTwoWay is called.

Usage Example

The MakeOneWay method is useful if you have a list of IAttachables (such as Sprites) which you want to remove from their respective managers without having them removed from their List. In the following example, the element at index 0 will get removed:

// assuming MySpriteList is a valid SpriteList, which in inherits from AttachableList

To prevent the removal from the list, it can be made one way:

SpriteManager.Remove(MySpriteList[0]); // <- This call will not modify MySpriteList now

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