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Downloading FlatRedBall


1 - Visual Studio 2022 or Newer

https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/community/ Although it is possible to make games without Visual Studio or Rider, doing so requires advanced knowledge of MSBuild. We recommend downloading and installing Visual Studio Community which is free.
At a minimum you will need to install .NET desktop development.

2. XNA 4.0 Redistributable

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27598 Although this is not required to build and run FlatRedBall games, it is required to use Gum, which is the preferred FlatRedBall UI tool.

3. .NET 6 SDK

Visual Studio 2022 (as of version 17.5.1) installs .NET SDK 7.0 which has a bug preventing projects from being loaded in the FlatRedBall Editor. Therefore, you will need to manually install .NET 6 SDK.

Downloading FlatRedBall

The most common approach to making FlatRedBall games is to use the FlatRedBall Editor. The Editor can be downloaded from a pre-built .zip file, or it can be built from source. New users should download the pre-built .zip file.

Downloading and Running FlatRedBall

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      Alternatively, the FlatRedBall Editor (no additional tools) prebuilt can be downloaded from Github. This is not recommended for new users, but experienced users can replace the FlatRedball Glue folder with the contents from the built files: https://github.com/vchelaru/FlatRedBall/actions
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    Unzip the file after downloading
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    Go to the folder where the .zip file unzipped to (by default called FRBDK)
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    Open the Run FlatRedBall.bat file (double click it)
If you see the Windows protected your PC dialog, click More info -> Run Anyway
The FlatRedBall Editor should appear.